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Free Hotel and Motel Vouchers: 9 Best Places That Help

Are you in need of temporary accommodation but don’t have the financial means to book a hotel or motel room?

Don’t worry, there are organizations and programs available that provide free hotel and motel vouchers to individuals and families facing homelessness or other emergency situations.

These vouchers can offer a lifeline and a safe place to stay during difficult times. In this article, we will explore nine places that offer assistance with free hotel and motel vouchers.

Find Free Hotel and Motel Vouchers for Homeless

When faced with a sudden crisis or homelessness, finding a safe place to stay becomes a top priority. Free hotel and motel vouchers are a valuable resource for those in need.

They can provide temporary shelter, ensuring that individuals and families have a roof over their heads while they work towards finding more permanent housing solutions.

1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is renowned for its efforts in helping individuals and families in need. They offer various services, including emergency housing assistance.

By reaching out to your local Salvation Army branch, you can inquire about their available programs for hotel and motel vouchers. The Salvation Army strives to assist those experiencing homelessness, disaster, or other critical situations.

2. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is another organization that provides aid to individuals facing difficulties. Their services extend to offering temporary shelter through partnerships with local hotels and motels.

By contacting your local Catholic Charities office, you can find out more about their voucher programs and eligibility requirements.

3. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is known for its disaster relief efforts. In times of emergencies such as natural disasters or house fires, they often provide temporary shelter to those affected.

Although their assistance is primarily focused on disaster situations, it’s worth contacting your local Red Cross chapter to inquire about any available resources.

4. 211 Helpline

The 211 helpline is a valuable resource for individuals in need of various types of assistance, including temporary shelter.

By dialing 211, you can connect with a trained professional who can guide you to the appropriate local resources, including organizations that provide hotel and motel vouchers.

5. Local Churches

Many local churches have community outreach programs that extend support to individuals in need.

Some churches may offer hotel and motel voucher programs or be able to direct you to organizations that provide such assistance. Contact local churches in your area to inquire about their available resources.

6. Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters play a vital role in providing temporary accommodation for individuals experiencing homelessness.

They often have partnerships or connections with local hotels and motels to offer additional support when shelter capacity is exceeded. Reach out to nearby homeless shelters to explore the options available to you.

7. United Way

United Way is a global organization dedicated to improving communities and the lives of individuals within them. While their services vary by location, some United Way chapters offer assistance with hotel and motel vouchers.

Check with your local United Way office to see if they have any programs available to help you during your time of need.

8. Non-Profit Organizations

Numerous non-profit organizations are dedicated to helping individuals and families facing homelessness or crisis situations.

These organizations often collaborate with local hotels and motels to offer temporary accommodation. Research non-profit organizations in your community to find out if they provide free hotel and motel vouchers.

9. Government Assistance Programs

Government assistance programs, such as those administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), may also offer hotel and motel vouchers.

These programs aim to support individuals and families facing homelessness or unsafe living conditions. Check with your local HUD office or other relevant government agencies to explore the available options.


When facing homelessness or an emergency situation without access to stable housing, the availability of free hotel and motel vouchers can be a tremendous help.

Organizations such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, United Way, American Red Cross, local churches, homeless shelters, 211 helpline, non-profit organizations, and government assistance programs can provide the assistance needed to secure temporary shelter and stability.

Remember, reaching out to these organizations and programs is the first step in accessing free hotel and motel vouchers.

They have dedicated staff who can guide you through the application process and determine your eligibility based on your specific circumstances.


How do I qualify for free hotel and motel vouchers?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the organization or program providing the vouchers.
Generally, they prioritize individuals and families facing homelessness, emergencies, or unsafe living conditions. Contact the organizations mentioned in this article for more information on their specific requirements.

Can I use hotel and motel vouchers for an extended period?

Hotel and motel vouchers typically offer temporary shelter for a limited duration. The length of stay can vary depending on the program and available resources.
It’s essential to communicate with the organization providing the vouchers to understand their specific policies.

Are these vouchers available nationwide?

While some organizations mentioned in this article operate on a national scale, others are more localized. Availability may vary depending on your location.
Reach out to the organizations and programs mentioned to determine if they are accessible in your area.

Can I apply for hotel and motel vouchers online?

The application process for hotel and motel vouchers may differ from organization to organization.
Some may offer online applications, while others might require an in-person visit or a phone call. Contact the organizations directly to inquire about their application procedures.

Are there any additional services provided along with the vouchers?

In certain cases, organizations may offer additional services or resources alongside the hotel and motel vouchers.
These can include job placement assistance, counseling, or referrals to other support programs. It’s worth discussing with the organizations to explore the full extent of their assistance.