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Privacy Policy

At Hotel Resevations Online2, we respect your privacy. We want to provide you all true and real information. We respect your choices and preferences always. Hotel Resevations Online2 never disclose with others what and how much you share with us. We are very strict about our privacy policy.

First of all – your privasy is important to us. We know that’s the type of factor all these types of realises say, but seriously we mean it. You’ve placed your believe in in us by using the HotelReservationsOnline2.com solutions and we value that believe in. That indicates we’re dedicated to defending and defending any private details you give us. We act in our customers’ interest and we are clear about our the handling of your private details.

This papers explains how we use and procedure your private details, hopefully offered in a understandable and clear way so you can get where we’re coming from without getting tired mindless. As an extra, it also informs you how to contact us if you have concerns about your private details, which we’re more than pleased to response.

If you’ve ever used us before, you’ll know that HotelReservationsOnline2.com provides on the internet travel-related solutions through our own sites and cellular phone applications, as well as through other on the internet systems such as partners’ sites and public networking. Why point that out, you ask? Well, here’s the fact. All the details that follows is applicable to not one, not two, but all of these systems. Several systems, one comfort statement.

This one comfort statement is applicable to any type of data we gather through these systems or other indicates linked with these systems (such as calling our client support group via email). It can make for a lot less boring studying. Journey Suppliers should however also go to Privacy Declaration for Journey Suppliers.

We might change the Privacy Declaration from a chance to time. If you care about your comfort, check out this page consistently and you’ll know exactly status. If we make changes to the Privacy Declaration which will have a positive change on you (for example, if we plan to procedure your private details for other reasons than conveyed in the past in this Privacy Statement), we will inform you of these changes before the new actions begin.

Sad but necessary bit: If you not believe this Privacy Declaration, you should stop using our solutions. If you believe our Privacy Declaration, then you’re all set to reserve your next Journey through us. Let the excitement roll!