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11 Best Strategies To Find Cheap Motels In Denver In 2024

Are you looking for cheap motels in Dender? We are here to guide you to find the best strategies to find cheap motels in Denver. Lets know something about the city first before booking.

Denver, the capital city of Colorado, is a vibrant metropolis nestled at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Denver boasts a rich tapestry of cultural attractions, outdoor adventures, and a thriving culinary scene. It is known as the Mile High City due to its elevation of exactly one mile above sea level.

Best Strategies To Find Cheap Motels In Denver

One of Denver’s most iconic landmarks is the bustling 16th Street Mall, which a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare lined with shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Visitors can hop on the free MallRide shuttle to explore this vibrant corridor, which serves as the heart of downtown Denver.

For those with a penchant for the arts, the Denver Art Museum showcases an impressive collection of American Indian art, contemporary works, and European masterpieces. The nearby Clyfford Still Museum offers a deeper dive into the life and work of the renowned abstract expressionist painter.

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to love in Denver’s vast outdoor playground. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the city beckons adventurers to explore its scenic wonders. From hiking and biking trails in nearby parks like Red Rocks Park and Cherry Creek State Park to skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Rocky Mountains, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Sports fans can cheer on the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High or catch a Colorado Rockies baseball game at Coors Field. The city’s passionate fan base adds an electric atmosphere to game days, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors and locals alike.

When it comes to dining, Denver offers a diverse array of culinary delights to tantalize the taste buds. From trendy gastropubs serving up craft brews and inventive cuisine to cozy cafes dishing out hearty comfort food, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Be sure to sample the city’s thriving craft beer scene, with over 100 breweries scattered throughout the metro area.

As evening falls, Denver comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene. From hip cocktail lounges and speakeasies to live music venues and comedy clubs, there’s no shortage of entertainment options to keep the party going into the wee hours.

With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and boundless recreational opportunities, Denver offers a dynamic urban experience unlike any other. Whether you’re exploring its iconic landmarks, immersing yourself in its arts and culture, or soaking up the breathtaking scenery, the Mile High City never fails to captivate and inspire.

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How To Find Cheap Motels In Denver?

Budget-conscious travelers often find themselves faced with the challenge of securing affordable accommodations in Denver. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you to find the best strategies to find cheap motels.


Here are 11 Best Strategies To Find Cheap Motels In Denver:

1. Off-Peak Advantage

Off-Peak Advantage on Hotel or Motel Booking

Finding affordable accommodations in Denver can be a challenge, especially during peak travel seasons when prices tend to soar. However, savvy travelers can take advantage of the off-peak seasons to snag great deals on motel stays. Here’s how embracing the off-peak advantage can lead to finding cheap motels in Denver under $50:

Lower Demand, Lower Prices

During off-peak seasons, such as late fall or early spring, the demand for accommodations in Denver tends to decrease. As a result, motels often lower their prices to attract guests, offering budget-conscious travelers an opportunity to score discounted rates.


With fewer tourists flocking to the city during off-peak times, there’s typically greater availability of motel rooms. This means travelers have a better chance of finding accommodations that fit their budget and preferences without having to compete with high demand.

Flexible Booking Options

Motels may offer more flexible booking options during off-peak seasons. Travelers may find reduced minimum stay requirements or last-minute deals as motels strive to fill empty rooms. This flexibility allows travelers to adjust their plans and take advantage of sudden discounts.

Quieter Atmosphere

Off-peak seasons often translate to a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere in Denver. Travelers who prefer to explore attractions without the crowds can enjoy a more peaceful experience during their stay. Additionally, popular tourist spots may be less congested, allowing for a more enjoyable sightseeing experience.

Opportunity for Local Engagement

During off-peak seasons, travelers have a unique opportunity to engage with the local community in Denver. With fewer tourists around, it’s easier to connect with locals, discover hidden gems, and gain insider recommendations for off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Seasonal Attractions and Events

While off-peak seasons may lack the bustling energy of peak times, they often coincide with unique seasonal attractions and events in Denver. Travelers can take advantage of special festivals, outdoor markets, and cultural celebrations that are less crowded but equally enjoyable.

Scenic Beauty

Denver’s natural beauty shines year-round, but off-peak seasons offer a chance to appreciate it without the crowds. Travelers can explore scenic parks, hiking trails, and outdoor recreational areas surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, all while enjoying discounted motel rates.

By embracing the off-peak advantage, travelers can unlock a world of affordable accommodations and unique experiences in Denver. Whether seeking budget-friendly motels, quieter surroundings, or seasonal delights, off-peak seasons provide ample opportunities to explore the Mile High City without breaking the bank.

2. Leverage Technology

Leverage Technology to find cheap motels

In the digital age, leveraging technology is an indispensable strategy for finding cheap motels in Denver. With a plethora of online platforms and booking websites at your fingertips, harnessing the power of technology can make the search for affordable accommodations more efficient and cost-effective. Here’s how to effectively leverage technology to find Cheap motels in denver under $100:

Online Booking Platforms

Utilize popular online booking platforms such as, Expedia, and to compare prices and availability across a wide range of motels in Denver. These platforms often offer user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to filter search results based on your budget, preferred location, and amenities.

Mobile Apps

Download mobile apps offered by booking platforms for added convenience. These apps provide access to exclusive deals, last-minute discounts, and real-time notifications on price drops. With the ability to book accommodations on the go, travelers can seize opportunities for savings anytime, anywhere.

Price Comparison Websites

Explore price comparison websites like Trivago and Kayak, which aggregate prices from multiple booking platforms and motel websites. These websites allow you to quickly compare rates and identify the most cost-effective options for your stay in Denver.

Special Offers and Deals

Keep an eye out for special offers and deals available exclusively through online booking platforms. Many motels in Denver offer limited-time promotions, early booking discounts, and package deals that can result in significant savings. Sign up for email alerts or follow social media channels to stay informed about the latest offers.

Review Websites

Consult review websites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp to gain insights from fellow travelers about their experiences staying at motels in Denver. Look for motels with high ratings and positive reviews that offer good value for money. These platforms can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Flexible Date Search

Take advantage of flexible date search options offered by online booking platforms. By adjusting your travel dates, you can often find lower rates for motel stays in Denver. Use date range searches to identify the cheapest dates within your desired timeframe.

Membership Programs

Consider joining loyalty programs offered by booking platforms or motel chains. Membership perks may include access to member-exclusive rates, discounts, and rewards points that can be redeemed for future stays. Accumulating loyalty points through frequent bookings can lead to additional savings over time.

Virtual Tours and Reviews

Take advantage of virtual tours and reviews available on booking platforms and motel websites. These features allow you to preview the accommodations and amenities offered by different motels in Denver, helping you make informed decisions based on your preferences and budget.

By leveraging technology effectively, travelers can streamline the process of finding cheap motels in Denver while gaining access to exclusive deals and valuable insights. Whether booking through online platforms, utilizing mobile apps, or exploring special offers, technology empowers travelers to make informed choices and maximize savings on accommodations in the Mile High City.

3. Book in Advance

Booking in advance is a tried-and-tested strategy for securing affordable accommodations, and it holds true when searching for cheap motels in Denver. By planning ahead and reserving your lodging well in advance of your trip, you can take advantage of various benefits and ensure a stress-free stay in the Mile High City. Here’s why booking in advance is a smart strategy:

Access to Early Bird Discounts

Many motels in Denver offer early bird discounts for guests who book their accommodations in advance. By reserving your room weeks or even months ahead of your travel dates, you can unlock special rates and exclusive promotions that may not be available to last-minute bookers.

Guaranteed Availability

Booking in advance gives you peace of mind knowing that you have secured your lodging for your trip. During peak travel seasons or popular events in Denver, motel availability can become limited, and prices may skyrocket as demand increases. By booking early, you avoid the risk of accommodations selling out or facing inflated rates due to high demand.

Flexible Options

Planning ahead allows you to explore a wider range of accommodation options and select the one that best fits your budget and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly motel or a more upscale lodging experience, booking in advance gives you the flexibility to compare prices, amenities, and locations before making your decision.

Opportunity for Room Selection

Booking early increases your chances of securing your preferred room type and amenities. Whether you prefer a room with a mountain view, a ground-floor unit for easy access, or a suite with extra space, booking in advance ensures that you have more options to choose from and can select the room that meets your specific needs.

Avoid Last-Minute Stress

Booking your motel accommodation in advance alleviates the stress and uncertainty of last-minute arrangements. Instead of scrambling to find available rooms as your travel date approaches, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your trip, knowing that your lodging is already taken care of.

Cancellation Flexibility

Many motels offer flexible cancellation policies for guests who book in advance. While it’s always advisable to check the cancellation terms before making your reservation, booking early often allows you to cancel or modify your booking with minimal or no penalty, providing added flexibility and peace of mind.

Budget Planning

Planning and booking your accommodations in advance allows you to budget more effectively for your trip. Knowing the cost of your lodging upfront enables you to allocate your travel budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses that can arise from last-minute bookings or fluctuating prices.

Booking your motel accommodations in advance is a savvy strategy for finding cheap and convenient lodging options in Denver. By taking advantage of early bird discounts, securing guaranteed availability, and enjoying greater flexibility and peace of mind, you can make the most of your stay in the Mile High City while staying within your budget.

4. Membership Benefits

Membership benefits can be a valuable asset when it comes to finding best cheap hotels in denver. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning a one-time trip to the Mile High City, joining loyalty programs and membership clubs can unlock exclusive discounts, perks, and rewards that can significantly lower your accommodation costs. Here’s how leveraging membership benefits can help you find affordable motels in Denver:

Discounted Rates

Many motel chains offer discounted rates to members of their loyalty programs. By signing up for these programs, you gain access to special member-only rates that are often lower than standard prices. These discounted rates can translate into substantial savings, especially for travelers who frequent the same motel chain or brand.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Membership programs often provide access to exclusive offers and promotions that are not available to the general public. This can include limited-time deals, flash sales, and last-minute discounts on motel stays in Denver. By staying informed about these special offers, you can capitalize on opportunities to book cheap accommodations.

Reward Points

One of the key benefits of membership programs is the opportunity to earn reward points for every stay. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for free nights, upgrades, or other perks, effectively reducing the overall cost of your accommodations. Some motel chains also partner with credit card companies to offer co-branded cards that allow you to earn additional points on everyday purchases.

Member-Only Benefits

In addition to discounted rates and reward points, membership programs often come with a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance the guest experience. This may include complimentary amenities such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, or access to fitness facilities. By taking advantage of these perks, you can enjoy added value without increasing your expenses.

Personalized Service

Membership programs may offer personalized service and tailored experiences for loyal guests. This can include priority check-in, room preferences, and special requests to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. By building a relationship with the motel staff through repeat visits, you may also receive personalized offers and upgrades based on your preferences.

Flexibility and Convenience

Joining membership programs provides flexibility and convenience when booking accommodations in Denver. Members can easily manage their reservations, view past stays, and access exclusive deals through the motel’s website or mobile app. With streamlined booking processes and dedicated customer support, members can enjoy a hassle-free experience from reservation to check-out.

No Membership Fees

Many motel loyalty programs are free to join, with no membership fees or hidden costs. This means you can reap the benefits of membership without any additional expenses, making it a cost-effective way to save on accommodations in Denver and beyond.

In summary, membership benefits offer a range of advantages for travelers seeking cheap weekly motels in denver, colorado. From discounted rates and exclusive offers to reward points and personalized service, joining loyalty programs can lead to significant savings and enhanced experiences during your stay in the Mile High City. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning a one-time trip, exploring membership options can help you find affordable accommodations that fit your budget and preferences.

5. Flexible Dates

Flexibility with your travel dates is a powerful strategy for finding cheap motels in Denver. By adjusting your arrival and departure dates based on price fluctuations and availability, you can uncover hidden deals and maximize savings on your accommodation. Here’s how embracing flexible dates can help you score affordable motels in the Mile High City:

Price Variability

Motel prices in Denver can vary significantly depending on the day of the week, time of year, and local events or festivals. By keeping your travel dates flexible, you can take advantage of fluctuations in pricing and target periods when rates are lower.

Use of Price Comparison Tools

Make use of online price comparison tools and booking websites that offer flexible date search options. These tools allow you to view motel prices across a range of dates, making it easier to identify the cheapest days to stay in Denver.

Off-Peak Travel

Consider traveling during off-peak seasons or midweek instead of weekends. Motel rates tend to be lower during periods of lower demand, such as weekdays or shoulder seasons. By avoiding peak travel times, you can secure better deals on accommodations in Denver.

Last-Minute Deals

Stay open to the possibility of booking last minute hotel deals denver. Motels may offer discounted rates for rooms that have not been booked closer to the date of arrival. If your schedule allows, you can take advantage of these last-minute bargains to find cheap accommodations in Denver.

Flexible Length of Stay

Be flexible with the length of your stay. Some motels in Denver offer lower nightly rates for longer stays, such as weekly or monthly bookings. By extending your visit, you may be able to negotiate a discounted rate or take advantage of special offers for extended stays.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

Research peak travel times in Denver and try to avoid booking accommodations during these periods. Major events, holidays, and peak tourist seasons can drive up motel prices and reduce availability. By traveling during quieter times, you can secure better deals and enjoy a more relaxed experience in the city.

Adjust Your Itinerary

If you find that motel prices are higher on your preferred travel dates, consider adjusting your itinerary to accommodate cheaper options. Shifting your travel dates by a few days or even a week can lead to significant savings on accommodations in Denver.

Stay Informed About Special Events

Keep an eye on local events, conferences, and festivals happening in Denver during your planned travel dates. Prices may spike during these periods due to increased demand, so it’s important to be aware of any potential price surges and adjust your travel dates accordingly.

By embracing flexibility with your travel dates, you can unlock a world of savings and discover cheap motels in Denver that fit your budget and preferences. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended stay, keeping your options open and exploring different dates can lead to significant discounts and a more affordable travel experience in the Mile High City.

6. Consider Location

Consider Location to find cheap motels

When searching for cheap motels in Denver, considering the location is key to finding affordable accommodations without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Denver is a diverse city with various neighborhoods and districts, each offering its own unique atmosphere and proximity to attractions. Here’s how considering location can help you find the best deals on motels:

Outskirts and Suburbs

Motels located in the outskirts or suburbs of Denver often offer lower rates compared to those in the city center. While these areas may be farther from downtown attractions, they can provide a budget-friendly option for travelers willing to commute or explore alternative neighborhoods.

Accessibility to Transportation

Evaluate the accessibility of motels to public transportation options such as buses, light rail, or bike-sharing services. Choosing a motel with easy access to transportation can offset the distance from downtown Denver and allow you to explore the city without relying on expensive taxis or rental cars.

Proximity to Attractions

Consider the proximity of motels to major attractions and points of interest in Denver. While motels located in prime tourist areas may command higher rates, staying closer to attractions can save you time and money on transportation costs. Look for motels within walking distance or a short commute to popular sights like the Denver Zoo, Red Rocks Park, or the Denver Art Museum.

Neighborhood Vibes

Research the character and vibe of different neighborhoods in Denver to find one that aligns with your preferences and budget. Some neighborhoods may offer a more laid-back atmosphere with local eateries and shops, while others may be bustling with nightlife and entertainment options. By exploring different neighborhoods, you can discover hidden gem motels that offer affordable rates and a unique local experience.

Safety and Security

Prioritize safety and security when choosing a motel location. Look for motels in well-lit areas with good visibility and security features such as surveillance cameras and secure parking. While budget motels may offer lower rates, it’s essential to prioritize your safety and choose a reputable establishment in a safe neighborhood.

Parking Availability

If you’re traveling by car, consider the availability and cost of parking at the motel. Some motels offer free parking for guests, while others may charge a daily fee. Factor in the cost of parking when comparing motel rates to ensure you’re getting the best overall value for your stay in Denver.

Local Amenities and Services

Take into account the amenities and services available near the motel, such as restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores. Staying in a neighborhood with nearby amenities can save you money on dining out and allow you to stock up on essentials without breaking the bank.

Reviews and Recommendations

Read reviews and recommendations from other travelers to gauge the quality and convenience of motels in different locations. Websites like TripAdvisor, Google Maps, and Yelp provide valuable insights from past guests, helping you make an informed decision based on real experiences.

By carefully considering the location of motels in Denver, you can find cheap hotels in denver colorado near airport that meet your budget and preferences while providing convenient access to the city’s attractions and amenities. Whether you prioritize proximity to downtown or prefer a quieter neighborhood vibe, exploring different locations can lead to great deals and a memorable stay in the Mile High City.

7. Look for Package Deals

Package deals are an excellent way to save money on your accommodations while enjoying additional perks and benefits during your stay in Denver. By bundling your motel reservation with other travel components such as flights, rental cars, or activities, you can unlock significant discounts and maximize your overall savings. Here’s how to look for package deals when searching for cheap motels in Denver:

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Explore online travel agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline that specialize in offering package deals. These platforms allow you to bundle your motel reservation with flights, rental cars, and activities, often at discounted rates compared to booking each component separately.

Airline and Hotel Partnerships

Many airlines have partnerships with hotel chains and motels in Denver, offering exclusive package deals for travelers. Check the websites of your preferred airlines to see if they offer bundled packages that include motel accommodations along with your flight booking.

Motel Loyalty Programs

Some motel chains offer package deals as part of their loyalty programs. By joining the loyalty program of your preferred motel chain, you may gain access to special packages that include discounted room rates, bonus rewards points, and complimentary amenities.

Travel Packages

Look for travel packages and vacation deals offered by tour operators and travel agencies. These packages often include accommodations at select motels in Denver, along with guided tours, transportation, and other perks. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and flash sales to snag discounted package deals.

Third-Party Package Providers

Consider booking through third-party package providers that specialize in offering discounted travel packages to popular destinations like Denver. These providers negotiate bulk rates with motels and other travel suppliers, allowing them to pass on savings to customers through bundled packages.

Theme Park and Attraction Packages

If you plan to visit theme parks or attractions in Denver, look for package deals that include motel accommodations along with admission tickets. Theme parks often partner with nearby motels to offer discounted package deals that combine lodging and park tickets at a reduced rate.

Seasonal Promotions

Take advantage of seasonal promotions and special events in Denver to find package deals. Motels may offer themed packages tied to local festivals, concerts, or sporting events, providing an opportunity to save money on accommodations while enjoying the city’s vibrant culture.

Group Travel Packages

If you’re traveling with a group, consider booking a group travel package that includes motel accommodations for multiple guests. Many motels offer discounted group rates for large bookings, making it an economical option for families, friends, or corporate travelers.

By exploring package deals from various sources, you can find cheap motels in Denver while enjoying additional perks and savings on your trip. Whether you’re bundling accommodations with flights, activities, or theme park tickets, package deals offer a convenient and cost-effective way to plan your stay in the Mile High City.

8. Negotiate Directly

Negotiating directly with motel managers or owners is a savvy strategy for securing affordable accommodations in Denver. While many travelers may not realize it, motels are often willing to offer discounts or special deals, especially during off-peak seasons or when facing vacancies. Here’s how to effectively negotiate directly with motels to find cheap rates:

Call or Email in Advance

Reach out to the motel directly via phone or email well in advance of your planned stay. Introduce yourself as a potential guest and inquire about their current rates and availability. By initiating contact early, you demonstrate your interest and may have more leverage in negotiations.

Be Polite and Courteous

Approach negotiations with a friendly and respectful attitude. Motel staff are more likely to accommodate reasonable requests from polite guests. Build rapport with the manager or owner by expressing genuine interest in staying at their establishment.

Ask About Discounts

Inquire about any available discounts or promotions, such as AAA, AARP, military, or senior discounts. Even if these discounts are not advertised, the motel may be willing to offer them to you upon request. Mention any affiliations or memberships that may qualify you for a discount.

Flexibility with Dates and Room Types

Be flexible with your travel dates and room preferences. If the motel has vacancies or is experiencing lower occupancy, they may be more inclined to negotiate lower rates or offer complimentary upgrades to fill empty rooms.

Mention Competing Offers

Politely mention any lower rates or better deals you’ve found at competing motels in the area. Motel managers may be willing to match or beat their competitors’ offers to win your business, especially if you express a genuine interest in staying at their establishment.

Negotiate for Value-Added Services

In addition to discounted rates, negotiate for value-added services or amenities such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, or late check-out. Motels may be willing to sweeten the deal with extra perks to incentivize your booking.

Ask About Group Rates or Extended Stays

If you’re traveling with a group or planning an extended stay, inquire about group rates or discounts for longer durations. Motels often offer special rates for group bookings or extended stays to attract larger parties or guests staying multiple nights.

Be Prepared to Walk Away

If negotiations are not going as planned or if the motel is unwilling to meet your budget, be prepared to walk away and explore other options. There are plenty of motels in Denver, and you may find a better deal elsewhere by being persistent and proactive in your search.

By negotiating directly with motel managers or owners, you can often secure discounted rates, special deals, or added perks that may not be available through online booking platforms. With a friendly and respectful approach, you can leverage your bargaining power to find cheap accommodations and enjoy a budget-friendly stay in Denver.

9. Stay Midweek

Choosing to stay midweek instead of on weekends is a smart strategy for finding cheap motels in Denver. Many motels experience higher demand and subsequently raise their rates during weekends, making midweek stays a more budget-friendly option. Here’s how staying midweek can help you secure affordable accommodations in the Mile High City:

Lower Demand

Motel occupancy rates tend to be lower during midweek days (Monday to Thursday) compared to weekends (Friday to Sunday). With fewer travelers vying for rooms, motels are more likely to offer discounted rates and special deals to attract guests during these quieter periods.

Reduced Rates

Motels in Denver often adjust their pricing based on demand, with higher rates on weekends to capitalize on leisure travelers and tourists. By choosing to stay midweek, you can take advantage of lower base rates and avoid inflated prices associated with weekend stays.


With lower demand for accommodations midweek, you’re more likely to find greater availability of rooms and a wider selection of motels to choose from. This increased availability gives you the flexibility to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal for your budget and preferences.

Avoid Crowds

Opting for a midweek stay allows you to avoid crowds and congestion at popular tourist attractions and dining spots in Denver. You’ll have a more relaxed and enjoyable experience exploring the city’s landmarks, parks, and cultural sites without the hustle and bustle of weekend crowds.

Special Midweek Deals

Some motels in Denver offer special midweek promotions and discounts to entice guests to book during off-peak periods. Keep an eye out for midweek-specific deals and packages advertised on motel websites or booking platforms, which may include discounted rates, complimentary amenities, or value-added perks.

Flexibility with Dates

If your travel schedule allows, consider adjusting your itinerary to include midweek stays in Denver. By shifting your travel dates to incorporate midweek nights, you can take advantage of lower rates without compromising the duration or enjoyment of your trip.

Business Travel Discounts

Midweek stays are popular among business travelers, who often receive discounted rates or corporate rates at motels in Denver. If you qualify for a business or corporate discount, inquire about special rates for midweek stays when making your reservation.

Extend Your Stay

Consider extending your trip to include more midweek nights in Denver. Many motels offer discounted rates for longer stays, so adding additional nights to your itinerary can lead to even greater savings on accommodations.

By opting for midweek stays in Denver, you can enjoy lower rates, greater availability, and a more relaxed travel experience while exploring all that the Mile High City has to offer. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or business, staying midweek is a savvy strategy for finding cheap motels and maximizing your travel budget.

10. Stay Longer, Save More

Staying longer can indeed lead to significant savings on motel accommodations in Denver. Many motels offer discounted rates for extended stays, making it a cost-effective option for travelers planning a longer visit to the Mile High City. Here’s how staying longer can help you save more on your accommodations:

Lower Nightly Rates

Motels often offer discounted rates for guests staying multiple nights. By booking a longer stay, you can take advantage of these lower nightly rates, which are typically more budget-friendly compared to shorter stays.

Weekly or Monthly Rates

Some motels in Denver offer special weekly or monthly rates for guests planning extended stays. These rates are often significantly lower than the standard nightly rates and can result in substantial savings, especially for travelers staying for an extended period.

Economies of Scale

The longer you stay, the more you save per night on your accommodations. By spreading out the fixed costs of your stay (such as housekeeping and administrative expenses) over a longer duration, motels can offer lower rates to guests staying for an extended period.

Flexible Booking Options

Booking a longer stay provides you with greater flexibility in terms of room selection and availability. Motels may be more willing to negotiate discounted rates or offer upgrades for longer stays, as they benefit from filling rooms for an extended period.

Avoiding Peak Rates

Extended stays often include weekdays, which typically have lower rates compared to weekends. By extending your stay to include weekdays, you can avoid peak rates associated with weekend stays and enjoy even greater savings on your accommodations.

Monthly Budgeting

Planning an extended stay allows you to budget more effectively for your trip. With fixed accommodation costs for a longer duration, you can better allocate your travel budget and have a clearer understanding of your overall expenses during your time in Denver.

Home Away from Home

For travelers looking for a home away from home experience, an extended stay at a motel in Denver offers comfort and convenience at an affordable price. Many motels offer amenities such as kitchenettes, laundry facilities, and spacious living areas, making them ideal for longer stays.

Opportunity to Explore

With more time in Denver, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the city at a leisurely pace and discover hidden gems off the beaten path. From scenic parks and cultural attractions to local eateries and shops, staying longer allows you to immerse yourself fully in the vibrant culture and lifestyle of the Mile High City.

By staying longer at a motel in Denver, you can unlock significant savings on accommodations while enjoying a more immersive and rewarding travel experience. Whether you’re planning a week-long getaway or an extended visit to explore all that the city has to offer, booking an extended stay is a smart way to maximize your travel budget and make the most of your time in Denver.

11. Local Recommendations

When it comes to finding cheap motels in Denver, local recommendations can be invaluable. Locals often have insider knowledge about the best deals, hidden gems, and budget-friendly accommodations in the area. Here are some local recommendations for finding cheap motels in Denver:

Ask Friends and Family

Reach out to friends, family members, or colleagues who live in or have visited Denver for their recommendations on affordable motels. Personal referrals from trusted sources can help you discover hidden gems and budget-friendly options that may not be widely known.

Consult Online Forums and Communities

Join online forums, social media groups, or travel communities dedicated to Denver or budget travel. Locals and frequent visitors often share tips, recommendations, and insider advice on where to find cheap motels and accommodations in the city.

Visit Local Visitor Centers

Stop by local visitor centers or tourism offices in Denver to pick up brochures, maps, and information about budget-friendly motels and lodging options. The staff can provide personalized recommendations and insider tips based on your budget and preferences.

Explore Neighborhoods Beyond Downtown

Venture beyond the downtown area to explore neighborhoods that may offer cheaper accommodations. Areas such as Capitol Hill, Baker, and Five Points have a diverse selection of motels and budget-friendly lodging options that cater to different budgets and preferences.

Check Local Publications and Websites

Keep an eye on local publications, newspapers, and websites for listings of budget motels and accommodations in Denver. These resources often feature special deals, discounts, and promotions that may not be available through online booking platforms.

Visit Local Events and Festivals

Attend local events, festivals, or community gatherings in Denver to network with locals and gather recommendations on cheap motels and lodging options. Locals are often eager to share their favorite spots and insider tips with visitors to the city.

Explore Alternative Accommodation Options

Consider alternative accommodation options such as hostels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals in Denver. These options may offer cheaper rates compared to traditional motels and provide a unique and memorable lodging experience.

Contact Motels Directly

Reach out to motels directly via phone or email to inquire about their rates and availability. Sometimes, motels offer discounted rates or special deals that are not advertised online, especially for guests who book directly.

By tapping into local recommendations and insider advice, you can uncover hidden gems and affordable motels in Denver that offer great value for your money. Whether you’re looking for a cheap hotels downtown denver or prefer to explore off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods, local insights can help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay in the Mile High City.


1. How can I find cheap motels in Denver?

You can find cheap motels in Denver by researching online booking platforms, utilizing price comparison websites, joining motel loyalty programs, and exploring alternative accommodation options.

2. What factors affect motel prices in Denver?

Motel prices in Denver can be influenced by factors such as location, proximity to attractions, amenities offered, demand during peak seasons or events, and booking in advance.

3. Are there any budget-friendly motels near downtown Denver?

Yes, there are budget-friendly motels near downtown Denver, especially in neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Baker, and Five Points. These areas offer a range of affordable lodging options within close proximity to downtown attractions.

4. When is the best time to find cheap motel rates in Denver?

Off-peak seasons, typically during late fall, early spring, and midweek stays, offer the best opportunities to find cheap motel rates in Denver. Avoiding weekends, holidays, and peak tourist seasons can also lead to lower prices.

5. Are there any discounts or promotions available for motel stays in Denver?

Yes, many motels in Denver offer discounts or promotions, such as AAA, AARP, military, or senior discounts. Additionally, booking directly with motels or through loyalty programs can sometimes unlock exclusive deals and special rates.

6. How can I save money on motel stays in Denver?

To save money on motel stays in Denver, consider booking in advance, staying midweek instead of weekends, exploring alternative neighborhoods, joining motel loyalty programs, and negotiating directly with motel managers for discounted rates.

7. What amenities are typically offered at cheap motels in Denver?

Amenities offered at cheap motels in Denver may vary, but they often include essentials such as free Wi-Fi, parking, and basic toiletries. Some motels may also offer complimentary breakfast, on-site laundry facilities, or pet-friendly accommodations.

8. How can I ensure the safety and quality of a cheap motel in Denver?

To ensure the safety and quality of a cheap motel in Denver, read reviews from past guests, research the motel’s reputation online, check for any recent complaints or issues, and verify that the motel meets your standards and expectations before booking.

9. Can I negotiate prices with motels in Denver?

Yes, you can sometimes negotiate prices with motels in Denver, especially if you’re booking directly and staying for an extended period. Be polite, flexible, and open to discussing discounts or special deals with motel managers or owners.

10. Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when booking cheap motels in Denver?

While most motels in Denver are transparent about their pricing, it’s essential to read the fine print and check for any hidden fees or additional charges, such as resort fees, taxes, or parking fees, before confirming your reservation.


In conclusion, navigating the landscape of cheap motels in Denver requires a strategic approach. By implementing these 11 strategies, travelers can unlock access to affordable accommodations without compromising their travel experience.

Whether you’re exploring the Rocky Mountains, indulging in Denver’s culinary scene, or immersing yourself in its cultural offerings, rest assured that budget-friendly lodging options await your discovery in the Mile High City.

Happy travels!