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Things To Do in Pasadena California – Enjoy with Family

When visitors think about going to California they most often think about going to Disney land or places like Los Angeles and San Francisco or seaside places like Lengthy Beach, Monterey, Cardiff Beach, San Paul, Santa Monica, etc..

Very few of them think about going to or staying in “small town” Pasadena and that is a big error. There are lot of things to do in Pasadena California when you go there with your family and kids. Find Your Hotels in Pasadena.

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Pasadena California

Pasadena is one of the first incorporated cities in Los Angeles County, famous for its Rose Bowl soccer games and tournaments.

Things To Do in Pasadena California
Things To Do in Pasadena California

1. The gambling house

The Gamble House in Pasadena, California, was once the home of David and Mary Gamble, whose last names you may recognize from the renowned Procter & Gamble Company.

2. The Fork in the Road

If you’re looking for free activities that don’t take too long and are further tucked away on Pasadena’s list of attractions, you can’t go wrong with The Fork in the Road.

Easily one of the most quirky and unique sights in this California city, it’s a massive sculpture at the intersection of St. John Avenue and Pasadena Avenue.

3. Tournament House and Wrigley Gardens

Created by Pennsylvania-born magnate William Wrigley Jr., Wrigley’s nationwide success allowed the 19th-century businessman to purchase many different homes in many different states.

Including one in Pasadena, California called Tournament House.

Now, the house is the setting for the Pasadena Rose Tournament Association, which is responsible for the organization, planning and execution of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl football games.

4. Museums, Art and Culture

There are more Restaurants per household in Pasadena than there are in NYC. From the woman making which consists of dumplings in the road window (Shandong Dumplings) to the huge sequence dining places like Cheesecake Manufacturer, there are hundreds of family-friendly restaurants to appreciate. Here is a testing of some of our most favorite.


5. Most Famous Restaurants

Crackin’ Kitchen – If a Cajun fish steam married a Traditional queen, the results couldn’t be any more amazing than the grub provided up at Crackin’ Kitchen. Enjoy crab feet, shrimp, mussels, maize, and bread lead with lovely Finest red onion marinade or Crackin’ spice up marinade.

Luggage Room – Enjoy hand-crafted chicken wings prepared in a wood shot stove and provided with drinks and drinks in a family-friendly environment.

Prawn Seaside – A quick and shiny cafe in One Denver providing feed containers, fish snacks, and a tremendous fish chowder.

Sushi Roku – High-quality sashimi, sushi, and Japanese people beverages are provided along with fun kid’s bento containers. Fun for everyone and located in One Denver.

Central Grill – A comfortable cafe in a ancient building providing delightful morning meal, meal, rice, and fish. Try the grape toasted bread and hot coffee for morning meal along with hot hotcakes, egg, and bread. Walk across the road to Main Recreation area and let children have fun on the perform framework after your meal.

6. Eaton Canyon Nature Center

Known as one of the best places to see in California, the Eaton Canyon Nature Center is arguably the best place in Pasadena, California for sightseeing and activities related to nature and the great outdoors.

It sits at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, with downtown itself spanning 7,600 square feet and the surrounding nature preserve totals an impressive 190 acres.

7. The Gold Bug

If you are looking for cool things to do in Pasadena, California, you will be blown away by the Gold Bug.

The Gold Bug is one of the best places to find unique curiosities and original products. Located in Old Pasadena, it is an esoteric store that is family owned and operated.

At Gold Bug, you will find a variety of different items for many different intentions and purposes.

8. The Rose Bowl Stadium

Rose Bowl Stadium, a National Historic Landmark, is easily the most iconic college sports venue in Pasadena, California, if not in the entire country.

Built in the early 1920s, it features much of its original architecture, though more than $ 150 million in renovations have ensured its quality and modernity over the years and have kept it one of the most beloved things. to see in the city.

Many of the sporting activities that take place at the charming Rose Bowl Stadium take place during the winter and fall, which is essentially when the football season really gets underway.

9. Mount Wilson Observatory

The Mount Wilson Observatory, located at the zenith of Mount Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountains, is the ideal place to enjoy beautiful views that include the best panoramas and attractions of Pasadena, Los Angeles and California beyond.

10. St. Andrew Catholic Church

Turns out you can find them in California at St. Andrew Catholic Church!

For years this church has been among the best ways to view such impressive work and has made its mark as one of the best options when it comes to what to do in Pasadena.


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The Courtyard by Marriott Old Pasadena was our family for two evenings and we experienced it. A huge and huge package of rooms, a fun pool in a huge courtyard, and incredibly helpful employees chose to make this position get a 5-star review from us. Plus it was within easy reach of all the fun stores and dining places of Old Pasadena. We managed to save a lot of money in vehicle parking fees!

Search and Compare Hotels in Pasadena There are so many other things to do in Pasadena California also. So, make your next family vacation in Pasadena and enjoy with your kids.