Motels Under $200 A Week Near Me In USA & Canada

Motels Under $200 A Week.

Traveling on vacation, on business, on vacation or even on vacation with family or friends; extended stay hotels offer more for your money.

Motels Under $200 A Week
Motels Under $200 A Week

The extended stay hotels have kitchenettes, affordable weekly rates for accommodations with amenities, a spacious living room that helps you feel at home and act like home, flexible space where you can use the place to your liking, wide a range of additional services and many other benefits for those looking for a place to stay away from home for anywhere from one week to three months to help you stay healthy.

Find Cheap Motels With Weekly Rates

Do you need a place to stay for more than a week?

If you’ve ever looked for a short-term housing option, you know that it can be a little tricky. Is it worth moving all the furniture to the apartment for three months? Are there apartments even for three months rent? Can you find fully furnished options that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

It can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start.

10 Extended Stay Hotels And Motels Under $200 A Week

Here are 10 extended stay hotels and motels under $200 a week near your location in USA and Canada:

1.Blue Moon Motel8445 Lundy’s Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1H5, Canada
2.Falcon Inn7865 Lundy’s Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1H3, Canada
3.Century II Motel462 24 St, Macleod, AB T0L 0Z0, Canada
4.Rainbow Motel210 South Service Rd E, Swift Current, SK S9H 3T5, Canada
5.Westward Inn & Suites19682 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC V3A 4C7, Canada
6.Ritz Inn5630 Dunn St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2N7, Canada
7.Leisure Motel1425 Division Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 5W9, Canada
8.Motorcourt Motel1883 Dundas St, London, ON N5W 3G3, Canada
9.Days Inn by Wyndham Fallsview6519 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7L2, Canada
10.5307 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0J3, Canada
10 extended stay hotels and motels under $200 a week

1. Blue Moon Motel

This simple, family-run motel is located next to Americana Water Park, 7.1 km from Clifton Hill.

The simple rooms have Wi-Fi, TVs and refrigerators, as well as coffeemakers and bathrooms. Some have fully equipped kitchens or in-room spa baths.

There is a playground, a seasonal outdoor heated pool and a picnic area with barbecue facilities. Parking is available.

2. Falcon Inn

This simple motel is located off Queen Elizabeth Road, 6.3 km from Queen Victoria Park overlooking Niagara Falls and 7 km from Marineland.

The modest rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Microwaves and mini-refrigerators are provided. Superior rooms and suites have features such as fully equipped kitchens, seating areas and / or jacuzzis; some have heart-shaped whirlpools.

Parking is free. There is an outdoor pool with a waterslide, veranda and sun loungers. Other benefits include a children’s playground, business center and barbecue area.

3. Century II Motel

This basic motel is a 7-minute walk from the Empress Theater and a 9-minute walk from the Northwest Mounted Police Fort Museum.

Featuring traditional furnishings, modest rooms with external entrances are equipped with TVs, microwaves, mini-refrigerators and coffee makers. Rooms with a kitchenette are also available.

Amenities include barbecue rentals and on-site parking.

4. Rainbow Motel

This budget motel is located next to restaurants on the Trans-Canada Highway Service Road in Mt. Pleasant. It is 1.7 km from the city center and 3.5 km from Elmwood Golf Club.

Simple rooms have mini-refrigerators, microwaves, TVs and free Wi-Fi. Superior rooms have spa baths or kitchenettes.

There is a laundry service and free parking.

5. Westward Inn & Suites

This simple, low-rise motel is located just off Highway 1A, across from Willowbrook Shopping Center, 3 miles from the Langley Events Center and 7 miles from Fort Langley National Historic Site.

The functional rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and cable TV with basic furnishings and décor. Some of them have a kitchen. There are also 2-bedroom suites.

Free coffee is served in the lobby. Other amenities include a guest laundry, BBQ facilities and outdoor seating areas.

6. Ritz Inn

This informal hotel is located 2 blocks from Niagara Falls, 6 minutes’ walk from Scotiabank Convention Center and 17 minutes from Skylon Tower.

The bright rooms have private bathrooms, mini fridges, microwaves, free Wi-Fi, TVs and tea and coffee making facilities. Some have kitchenettes with refrigerators and ovens. Superior suites have spa baths and / or fireplaces.

It features a wedding chapel and a seasonal heated outdoor pool, as well as a launderette. Free parking is available.

7. Leisure Motel

Surrounded by local businesses and chain stores, this simple roadside motel is 11 km from the US border and 3 km from Windsor Airport. It is 9 km from Caesar’s Windsor Casino.

The modest rooms can be accessed through external corridors. They have free Wi-Fi and cable TV. All have mini-refrigerators and microwaves, as well as desks and dining areas.

The reception is open 24/7. There is also a cozy garden with a seating area.

8. Motorcourt Motel

This simple motel is 3.8 km from Raceway Raceway in the West Trade District and 4.5 km from London International Airport.

The functional rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs with premium cable channels, microwaves and mini-refrigerators. some rooms have fully equipped kitchens. Car-themed suites with heart-shaped hot tubs and / or waterbeds are also available.

Parking is free. Laundry facilities and barbecue facilities are also available.

9. Days Inn by Wyndham Fallsview

This modest hotel is 5 km from Niagara Falls, a 14-minute walk from Skylon Tower and 4 km from Marineland Canada.

The peaceful rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks and coffee makers. The suites have sofa beds or spa baths. Children stay free with adults.

Parking is available at an additional cost. It also has a simple restaurant, seasonal outdoor pool and terrace.

10. Canadas Best Value Inn Chinook Station

This modest hotel is 5 km from Niagara Falls, a 14-minute walk from Skylon Tower and 4 km from Marineland Canada.

The quiet rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, desks and coffee makers. The suites have a sofa bed or spa bath. Children stay free with adults.

Parking is available at an additional cost. The hotel also has a simple restaurant, seasonal outdoor pool and terrace.

Best $300 A Month Motel Near Me For Extended Stay

$300 A Month Motel Near Me

If you are new to an area, you will only move there temporarily, you have low income and cannot afford your own apartment, whatever the reason you are looking for extended stay accommodation, you need to weigh your accommodation options.

Daily hotel rates are high, that is why most people prefer an extended stay hotel and motel, or a short-term rental agreement. Long staying guest may think, how much is a motel room for a month.

Extended-stay hotels and motels offer more versatility than renting an apartment and at a price comparable to rental locations.

Extended stay hotels can be a great alternative option to get $300 a month motel near me, but they are only temporary solutions and there are many factors to consider before booking a stay.

How To Find $300 A Month Motel Near Me

There are some weekly and monthly hotels and motels are available for low cost extended stay. Hotel quality and rates may vary from location to location. A quick Google search for “extended stay hotels near me” will display a map of your location with nearby extended stay $300 a month motel near me.

$300 A Month Motel Near Me
$300 A Month Motel Near Me

Sometime you may find motels under $200 a week or $300 – $500 a month motels near your location in USA and Canada for low cost extended stay.

Hotels And Motels With Weekly And Monthly Rates

To save your time and effort we make a list of some hotels and motels which are offering very cheap an affordable weekly and monthly rates for long staying guests to stay for a month or more:

  • Studio 6
  • Studio Plus
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Budget Suites
  • Homestead Studios
  • Savannah Suites
  • Metro Extended Stay

Things to Consider Before Staying at a Monthly Hotel or Motel

There are some trick to finding motel with weekly or monthly rate. You will need to find an extended stay motel that is well maintained enough that you want to stay, but affordable enough that you can actually stay.

1. Safety

Do your research. Check if the area around the hotel is walkable, especially if you don’t have your own car and need to buy food, go to work / school, etc. Also see how safe the hotel is.

Do you have a history of theft or other criminal activity? Budget motels and hotels are often in rough areas, so while the cheap rate can be attractive, consider your safety as your number one priority.

2. Cleaning

Budget hotels or cheap motels near me may not have the best hygiene and health standards. Problems like bed bugs, roaches, mold, and dirty furniture are not only unsightly, but they can also lead to a host of health problems.

Spend some time reading reviews from previous tenants. If possible, visit the place to see if it is tolerable.

3. Services

Some contracts include free breakfast, housekeeping, free parking, and access to facilities like the gym and pool. Consider whether any of these are a necessity or something you’re willing to spend a little more on. Please read the fine print carefully before booking a stay to avoid surprise charges.

4. Convenience

Whatever the reason for your stay at an extended stay hotel, comfort is often an important factor. You may want to find a place that is closer to your work, grocery stores, or any other place that you plan to visit frequently.

This is especially important if you don’t have access to a car. Being able to walk to the places you need to go can save you a lot of money on your commute.

Reasons For Searching A Cheap Monthly Motels Near Me

Cheap Monthly Motels Near Me
Cheap Monthly Motels Near Me

There are some common reasons for staying at a cheap motel with monthly rates. Here we will discuss in brief some of them:

1. Unknown Place

Being a long way from home, it may take a while before you really get to know the area. What neighborhoods are the safest? What areas are the most convenient? Rather than rushing to make decisions, staying in a weekly hotel can give you time to plan the best possible living situation for yourself.

2. Stay For Temporary

You may be a business traveler temporarily relocating for work or just looking for a new area to see if you like it. Your stay may not be long enough to find an apartment to rent or a house to rent, and it may not be short enough to reserve a hotel. Extended stay hotels offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for people who just need to move somewhere temporarily.

3. Cheap Accommodation

Moving into an apartment can be expensive. Even if you can find affordable housing, you may need to find the funds to pay for startup costs like a high security deposit, first month’s rent, and non-refundable application and administration fees, right? Love all that “management fee” nonsense that many apartment complexes charge? You may get $300 a month motel near me or motels under $200 a week.

4. Difficulties in Apartment Rental

Another reason you may not be able to get an apartment is if you have a criminal record. Many apartment complexes will verify your criminal history. If you have a negative mark against you, the complex may refuse to rent to you.

We all know that the justice system is supposed to rehabilitate those who have committed a crime, but most of us also know that the process of rehabilitating the justice system does not work that well. You really can’t blame an apartment complex for refusing to rent to you if you have a criminal record, but you still need to be able to find safe and decent housing.

Extended Stay Weekly or Monthly Motels vs Apartment Rental

Your schedule may change when you move or travel for work. New homes may be available sooner than you thought. Work hours can be extended for a couple of months. You need some flexibility in your accommodation for long stays.

If you rent an apartment, it can be difficult to get out of a lease or extend your stay without signing a new lease. Extended stay hotels are more flexible – you can enter or exit your hotel suite as needed. Some guests leave at the end of their prepaid period. Others stay for more than a year.

Advantages Of Extended Stay Weekly or Monthly Motels

  • No credit checks or lease agreements required – just send in your debit or credit card at check-in.
  • Water, electricity, telephone, electricity, sewage, cable TV and basic WiFi included.
  • Furnished suites with in-room kitchens, beds, sleeper sofa, flat-screen TV, and desk or table with chairs.
  • Towels, bath mats, hand towels and washcloths can be exchanged for new ones at the counter.
  • Laundries, vending machines and other amenities.
  • Professional customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Free parking.
  • No need to pay the first and last month’s rent, a security deposit, or cleaning fees.